School Learning Garden

child holding carrots from garden

We love our School Learning Garden!

We are delighted to be the first school in Fort McMurray with a garden. We've inspired many more schools to get them! 

Our garden includes a shed and outdoor fenced area, with 7 experimental outdoor composters, to help us compost plant stems, and more of our organic lunch waste. 

Through this process students are learning about:

  • the life cycle of plants.
  • how to care for the environment. Growing your own food reduces pollution – less transporting and packaging. 
  • where food comes from and what’s involved in growing it. 
  • being a good global citizen. If more people grow food, there is enough food for all. 
  • how gardening is healthy for you! Healthy food, healthy air, healthy exercise. 
  • the needs of plants and animals and our connection to the food chain. 
  • solar energy

Seeds are planted by interested classes. The garden is maintained and harvested by student Gardening Leaders. 

In the summer it is tended by volunteer families. It is a beautiful part of our school! 

Common Questions

Who eats the food?

The student leaders harvest it in the fall to share with school students. 

The food is ripe - can I pick it?

No, please don't. The students are looking forward to picking it. They wait a long time for it to grow!

Can I help in the summer?

Yes, your family can sign up to help. Your family can eat the peas & lettuce that are ripe during the week you care for it. 

Why does some food look too ripe?

We are watching the life cycles of plants, and we want to see some plants dry out, freeze, and turn to seed. The garden is our science project. 

bin of vegetables

Thanks so much to Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and BP Oil A+ For Energy for assistance. 

Check out our School Garden website

School Garden

We are delighted to be the first school in Fort McMurray with a garden, and we are grateful for RMWB and BP Oil's A+ For Energy grant making it possible! We have inspired many other schools in Fort McMurray to start gardens. Through caring for the garden, students learn about nature's cycles, solar energy and respect for farmers who grow our food. They're excited to eat fresh vegetables. The compost made by our indoor composting worms goes into the garden in the spring to help new plants grow, helping our food waste turn into new food. School families to tend the garden in the summer.