Leader in Me Lighthouse School

We are one of Canada's northern most Lighthouse Schools!

What is a Leader in Me Lighthouse school? It is a Leader in Me School that shows evidence of outstanding results in school and student outcomes, who impliments the Leader in Me program and process with fidelity and excellence. https://www.leaderinme.org/faq/what-is-a-leader-in-me-lighthouse-school/

1. Lighthouse Team

  • We set up a buddy system to support new staff with Leader In Me implementation. 
  • We have ongoing staff development through our Professional Learning Fridays throughout the year. 

2. Leadership Environment 
Our environment has leadership concepts, to inspire kids, staff, parents and guests. 

  • A Leader In Me banner is at the entrance to school with our slogan
  • Monthly leadership messaging is on outside display board
  • Main school goals and tracking are in the front foyer with bulletin boards
  • Legacy Statement bulletin board is in front foyer with staff statements
  • Each class has a leadership corner with LIM information and tracking
  • TV screen with leadership pictures of student leaders in front foyer
  • Inspirational quotes throughout school
  • Each hallway has a habit name 
  • Photographs of student leaders in action on a board
  • Student leaders are in teams, with mission statements and photos on a bulletin board
  • We have a school Leader In Me song
  • Leader In Me videos and concepts are shared at regular assemblies
  • Leader In Me wall down a long hallway has painted images designed by students

3. Integrated Instruction and Curriculum

  • Teachers are integrating leadership language into instruction and curriculum.
  • Adults teach and reinforce the 7 Habits through literature.
  • We have a cart of books in the library that can help teach the habits. 
  • When developing lesson plans, teachers integrate teachable moments for reinforcing leadership principles and tools. 

4. Staff Collaboration

  • We use the concepts in daily interactions with all students and as a staff.
  • We train new staff in LIM concepts and tools, and provide a staff buddy for mentoring. 
  • We have Criterion Teams that allow the entire staff (teaching and nonteaching) to actively collaborate in building a culture of leadership, set goals, and accomplish tasks. 

5. Student Leadership

  • Every student is provided with meaningful leadership roles and responsibilities in class and in the school.
  • Roles for students use the word ”leader” (Stage Leaders, Public Speaking Leaders, Tour Guide Leaders) and allow students to develop skills vital to the 21st century such as collaboration, public speaking and goal setting. 
  • Students plan school wide activities that support the leadership theme. For example, Literacy Leaders planned reading celebrations for the school when we accomplish our reading goals. 

6. Parent Involvement

  • Parents are involved in activities that support the leadership model and have an understanding of the common language being used at the school.
  • Parents are equipped with a general understanding of the 7 Habits. Monthly information is sent home in the school newsletters, and weekly in classroom newsletters
  • We have an annual Parent Night to introduce the leadership model, and share how 7 Habits is integrated into our school initiatives
  • We send home a copy of The Leader in Me Parent’s Guide.
  • Parents are invited to be involved in activities that support the leadership theme.  

7. Goal Tracking

  • A system is in place for setting and tracking goals at the student, classroom, and schoolwide levels.
  • We have a system for tracking and displaying schoolwide, classroom, and individual teacher goals.
  • Each student is equipped with a Data Notebook and leadership tools to set and track academic and personal goals. The student reviews these at Parent Teacher Student Conferencing and report card time. 

8. Measurable Results

  • The school is seeing improvements as a result of implementing The Leader in Me process.
  • Indicators are used to collect baseline data, and track regularly to determine where and to what degree the leadership model is bringing improvements (e.g., discipline referrals, academic achievement, attendance and/or tardies, staff and/or parent satisfaction).
  • Anecdotal evidence is gathered (e.g., success stories, parent testimonials, noted improvements in student self-confidence).

9. Leadership Events

  • The school holds an annual event to share their leadership model with the community and other schools.
  • Throughout the year, Community Leaders are invited to come to the school to share leadership insights and experiences with students.
  • During Leadership Days we invite parents, business partners, and educators from other schools to come learn about and see our school’s unique leadership model.

Leader In Me Lighthouse School